Outsourcing IT is one of the most cost-effective ways to control your IT costs, especially if you are upsizing, downsizing, merging or decentralising your business in response to market conditions.

Paul Alderson


Who are our clients? How do we help them?

Contract Catering Company

"PST has removed the day to day burden of IT support from Senior Management and have helped us to develop an effective strategy for the development of our IT systems"

Multi-branch Estate and Lettings Agents

"PST is our IT department in every sense.  As one of the first multi office agents in the UK to deploy a comprehensive IT strategy, the company has prospered through all market conditions and continues to exploit new technologies with the assistance of PST" 

National Charity

"PST has guided us through the development of our IT services to provide us with a problem free, stable IT system"

Independent Consultancy Service

"We used to hate Mondays because the server always went wrong over the weekend.  Since we moved to PST we have not only had a reliable system but we are able to access our data from almost anywhere.  Remote working has become the norm and we are saving thousands on the cost of premises" 

Property Developers

"PST maintains our local and wide area network so that our New Homes sites have access to email and company data as if we were all on the same site!"

International Conference Organisers

"PST are our IT Department, they are friendly and supportive and we don't know where we would be without them"

What do our clients do?

Residential and Commercial Estate Agents
Lettings Agents
Contract Caterers
Call Centres
Residential Care Homes
TV Shopping Channels
Freight Forwarding
Home Removals
Health Service Consultants
Exhibition Design
Software Development
Property Development
Theatrical Agency
Video Production
Property Managemnt
Event Management
Corporate Entertainment
Asset Finance
Recruitment Consultants

PST Business Solutions has experience of deploying, supporting and managing IT systems in all the above business disciplines - and more........!

How can WE help YOU?

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