Managed IT Services

PST - Your Virtual IT Department

We provide a full range of computer technology services and advice.  By combining our advanced approach, process tools and methodologies with a friendly, customer-facing attitude, we are able to deliver just the kind of services your business needs.


With our expertise and resources, we'll design a streamlined IT solution that's right for your Business and provide the appropriate level of support for you and your users


Our menu of service plans means you can choose a service that suits your business needs; from routine maintenance to a complete managed IT package.  All at affordable prices


We'll ensure your business has the best scalable systems to enable growth and the capacity to deliver the services your users need.

Together we'll transform your computer, internet and telephone network into an effective tool for growing your business.  Find out how. Contact-us

With our dedicated IT Management software, we either prevent or resolve most issues remotely, with minimal delay and vastly reduced downtime.

Our software allows us, with your permission, to remotely access your workstations, notebooks, mobile devices and servers to resolve any issues.  Problems are resolved much faster, saving you time and money.  In fact our monitoring systems are so finely tuned, we can locate most problems long before they affect your day-to-day work.

And our in-depth IT know-how means we can offer perfect solutions for integrating any specialist software you use to run your business.

Contact Paul Alderson on 0118 959 0800 or email [email protected] to discuss the right support service for your business. 

We offer a range of IT Service packages to our customers for a fixed monthly fee.  All are scalable and will be tailored specifically to meet the needs of your business.

What are the benefits of Managed IT services?

  • Completely transparent - no hidden surprises
  • Ongoing and effective service for a monthly fee
  • Ensures your IT services are always up-to-date, secure and available
  • Monthly reports on the performance of your network
  • Keep up to date with the market and your competition
  • Our knowledge and experience is available to you completely free of charge
  • Make the best of your budget
  • Reduce management burdens
  • You can concentrate on your core business
  • You will have complete peace of mind

Find out how a PST Managed IT service can benefit your business.  Contact us

For peace of mind, choose our hosted and cloud solutions.

Just as a good host looks after the needs of their guests, our hosted solutions take care of the needs of your business:  your data, your telephone systems and your internet.  We make sure nothing goes wrong, but if for any reason it does, we'll sort it out right away!

For most businesses, Hosted and Cloud solutions are the future.  Data is stored remotely rather than on your computers or on a local server, making it safer and more accessible.  With rapidly advancing technology, Internet based telephony, or VOIP, is far more reliable and far less expensive than traditional PBX telephone services.  Moving to hosted and cloud solutions is the way forward for most businesses.

PST provides a range of cost effective, fully managed, internet services to suit all business needs.  We research the best available service for you and manage all your internet services on your behalf.  For anyone who has spent hours on the telephone to a call centre trying to resolve their broadband issues, going through lengthy, time consuming discussions, this service is a MUST!  With a PST fully managed package, we deal with any problems straight away.  And we talk their language!

Want to find out more about PST Managed Broadband?  Contact us now

Data Backup, Data and Disaster Recovery

We will take care of your most valuable asset - your data!

Data backup is high priority for any business.  Lose business-critical data and you have a severe problem on your hands.  Data loss may have financial implications and could irreparably damage your customer relationships.

If you already back up your data, you may be using slow, inadequate storage devices that can't quickly and positively retrieve lost data.  On site data storage could lead to total data loss if you have a fire, flood or other unforeseen problem.

PST have data solutions galore!  We can set up automatic, off-site, robust data backup and fast data retrieval services.

  • Data replication
  • Failover
  • Disaster recovery services
  • Hosting of business critical services

Data backup and server monitoring and update services take place out of business hours so you can sleep peacefully, knowing your data is safe and secure.

Data Storage
Data, Particularly accounts and contact information, is critical for most businesses and those needs are growing on a daily basis.  It's vital for most business communications which drives the need to store ever increasing volumes of data.

PST offer a data storage solution with the "perfect storm" of performance, resilience and cost.

Want to find out more about PST's data solutions?  Contact us.

Software & Email in the Cloud
More and more software is available via the internet on a monthly (per user) fee - so you can use it wherever you can access the net.  You are no longer tied to the PC the software was installed on.

Many of our clients use hosted software solutions and with our considerable expertise and experience, we can recommend and maintain the right hosted services for your business.

We offer Hosted Microsoft Exchange email, so if your office server fails, or there's a power cut, you can access your email from a different location.

Hosted services are ideal if you have staff who "hot-desk, work from home or move from office to office.

If your work means you create lots of large files such as photos (like our Estate Agency clients), it is far more practical to store these files remotely.  Anyone in your organisation can access files relevant to their roles, they are backed up securely and they don't clog up hard drives!

Want to find out more about PST's cloud solutions?  Contact us.

VoIP Telephony
Have you considered VoIP?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), is one of the most powerful ways to make your business more agile and save you money. VoIP is an established technology that allows you to make telephone calls over the Internet.

VoIP telephone products are very high quality and provide a range of services you won't get with traditional phone services such as free calls between phones on your network (yes even other offices in your group), voice mail (often this is a chargeable "extra" with traditional PBX systems), dialling direct from your Outlook contacts, incoming call recognition and many many more.

For companies looking to move to VoIP, particularly multi-site organisations, hosted IP Telephony offers significant savings and increased operational efficiency, resilience and business continuity.

Want to switch to VoIP?
You should talk to PST.  We run our own business with a software based VoIP system and we understand the technology, the requirements and the opportunities.  Its easy to move - we work with a Telecoms partner who can help you swiftly switch to VoIP.

I would really like to find out more about PST's VoIP solutions!  Contact us

PST offers a range of professional services from designing the right network for you, providing your data cabling and training your staff to get the best from your systems and software.

With networked computers you can share resources and save money.

  • Fully managed email solutions
  • Secure, centrally-stored data available to everyone in your organisation - wherever they are based
  • Hardware facilities such as printers, scanners and faxes
  • Internet connection for web-based applications

The increased need for bandwidth means it's more important than ever to ensure your network has the capacity to deliver the services your users demand

PST can design a network that provides a platform for new technologies such as VoIP telephony, video, audio and wireless communications.

Data Cabling
Thanks to our highly professional, specialist strategic partners, PST is able to offer a complete data cabling solution including design and installation of network and telephony infrastructure systems from single points to new build fit-outs.  Our customers can be confident that we have the expertise available to undertake their cabling projects.

PST had its roots in the IT Training industry for over 20 years and continues to supply top quality training services to many of its customers.  Using a team of both in-house and independent training professionals, we supply competitively priced user courses on a wide range of popular software packages including Microsoft Office (2003 - 2010), Sharepoint, Viso and Project at all levels, from beginners to advanced users.

Courses can be arranged on your own site for as little as £395 (ex VAT) per day for a course of up to 5 delegates on products such as Microsoft Office.  We supply our own useful "post course" references notes and courses can be arranged at an off-site location near you if required. 

Email [email protected] for a highly competitive quote for your training project.